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Trans logistics alliance

Trans logistics alliance

Freight trucking is very in demand, because to deliver the cargo in complete safety for a small one time interval. Air transport is one of the leading types of transport. Before selecting an individual type of transportation, the customer determine all the advantages and minuses of such transportation.

Trans logistics alliance

Trucking is very in demand, because allow you to deliver the goods in complete safety for a small time interval. Air transport is one of the leading types of transport. Before selecting an individual type of transportation, the customer must determine all the advantages and minuses of such transportation.

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Trans logistics alliance

We provide such types of transportation

Trans logistics alliance

Avia Transport

Recently, companies that organize air transportation, try to do everything for their customers and their comfort. That is why most of the customers use air transport to transport their cargo. But it's worth remembering that even air travel has its drawbacks.

Cons The first thing to consider is the weather.

Recently, companies that organize air transportation, try to do everything for their customers and their comfort. That is why most of the customers use air transport to transport their cargo. But it's worth remembering that even air travel has its drawbacks.

For example, in addition to weather, an obstacle can also be a restriction on the weight or dimensions of the cargo being transported, and the lack of an airport in a certain locality can also be a problem.

Transportation by air transport is also carried out exclusively by special cargo planes. For their functioning, the airport must necessarily be equipped with a special coating on the runway, which will provide high strength.

In the absence of such a cover, the runway will not withstand loads and will quickly become unusable. Aircraft also need special maintenance, therefore, air transport will not be continuous.

ProsAir transportation is an excellent option for international transport.

If we talk about international cargo transportation, then air transportation is undoubtedly the leader in the field of cargo transportation. This kind of cargo transportation is the best and most reliable for safe transportation and delivery.

There are times when air travel is the only possible type of transportation. This type of transportation will be very relevant in remote parts of the planet, in remote cities, different continents. This type of transportation is also very relevant, if you need accurate delivery at a certain time.

Such transportation is used daily. The aircraft can deliver any kind of cargo as quickly as possible and anywhere in the world.

Air transportation are very relevant for the transportation and delivery of goods to distant and hard-to-reach areas. This type of transportation is recognized as one of the best in the whole world. This type of cargo transportation delivers the cargo in the shortest possible time, which is very important factor in the transportation of cargo with a limited shelf life.

Dangerous goods classes

1 class

Explosives and materials

2 class

Highly flammable gases

3 class

Highly flammable liquids

4 class

Flammable materials

5 class

Oxidizing substances

6 class

Highly flammable liquids

7 class

Radioactive substances

8 class

Corrosive and corrosive substances

9 class

Substances of low hazard

Trans logistics alliance

In the territory of many CIS countries there are many bulk and bulk cargoes, which require transportation. In order to transport such goods, Typically, road trains are used to transport bulk goods or transport grain trucks.

They usually use special containers for bulk cargo. Delivery of bulk cargo As a rule, dump trucks usually simplify the unloading process. Despite the fact that such goods relate to the heavily transported goods, we have long been engaged in the transport of bulk cargo and we have extensive experience in loading bulk cargo.

There is also the possibility of sea transportation of bulk cargo and transportation of bulk cargo by rail. This is a more reliable way to deliver bulk goods.

It replaces the grain carriers for transportation across the country and beyond. Freight trains will deliver cargo faster and better. In addition, they contain more. Bulk goods delivery occurs many times faster due to the lack of traffic jams. Rail transportation of bulk cargo is an excellent solution, but not always possible.

Trans logistics alliance cargoes are sent by onboard transport, specially designed machines for transportation of bulk cargo. Transportation of bulk cargo dump trucks in this case, one of the most convenient options, especially if the railway transport is impossible.

As a rule, these are customers from agricultural area, so the transportation of grain by kamazov grain trucks is quite popular. Transportation of bulk cargo Automobile transport is also convenient for various manufacturers of finished products.

Trans logistics alliance

On the orders of grain carriers for transportation services Bulk cargoes are always sent heavy trucks, able to transport a large volume of goods.

Thus, it is possible to reduce costs customer for the carriage of goods by grain trucks. The wagon for bulk cargo for grain transportation by grain trucks must also comply with all norms.

We pay much attention to machines for bulk cargo. That is why the transportation of loose goods by dump trucks at a price higher than normal traffic. However, the international cargo transporters for international cargo Trans logistics alliance are always serviced especially well. This is especially true of cleanliness and tightness.

Bulk cargoes

Trans logistics alliance

For bulk cargo are food bulk cargo, oil products, oil, etc. These goods are usually dangerous. A waggon, a tank or a container for liquid cargo in which liquid cargo will be delivered shall be hermetically sealed and made of high-quality materials.


When transporting liquid cargo by tanks, the choice of a particular tank model depends on the type of cargo. It can be food products - milk, water or non-food - oil products and other materials.

It should be noted that the carriage of bulk of international food is a difficult job. It entails serious costs and the need to comply with safety standards.

Trans logistics alliance

Where are refrigerated transport used?

Refrigerated transport is widely used for transportation of food, beverages and medicines requiring a certain temperature for long-term storage. Transportation of the same fish to distant distance is not possible without the use of special technologies.

Oversized and heavy cargoes

To outsize and heavy cargoes you can include all types of cargo that go beyond the envelope or the maximum tonnage load of standard vehicles.

However, today To transport oversized cargo by road is not a problem.

A company engaged in the transportation of liquid bulk cargo according to the requirements, must be with a license. While engaged in the carriage of bulk cargo, Trans logistics alliance also equips the driver's cabin with a link, for additional control by the logistician.

Such a service as the carriage of bulk cargo by road tankers is very demanded in all world. Also in demand are rail transportation of bulk cargo and sea transportation of bulk cargo. In particular, this is due to the large volumes of exported agricultural products. It is simply inadvisable to transport a bulk cargo in a container.

In order to deliver bulk cargo, the transport company Trans logistics alliance uses different modes of transport.

Liquid cargo is transported in tank trucks. The
It is also often used to transport bulk cargo in tank containers.

Trans logistics alliance

Container tank for bulk cargo

Container Tank for bulk cargoes have special characteristics and are often made of antibacterial materials. Transportation of bulk cargo in containers often resolves problems of customers. For the rest, liquid cargo is transferred by railway transport to most of the time.


For transportation of perishable goods, you can order a refrigerator . Refrigerated transport in the world is one of the main ways of delivering goods to the supermarkets around the world

Transportation of perishable goods and goods requires special conditions for transportation.

Especially for such special cases, vehicles equipped with refrigerators. In our fleet there are also cars that can be used for cargo transportation with a refrigerator. The refrigerator is a certain space with artificially maintained by a certain temperature.

In such conditions, products with a short shelf life can be much longer on the road, and reach the consumer in a fresh condition. As a rule, the most popular are cargo transportation by a refrigerator to 20 tons.

List similar products for the carriage of goods by refrigerators includes also various plants and flowers, alcoholic beverages and much more.

Trans logistics alliance

Using a refrigerator in Such conditions make it possible to deliver the goods intact and safe, while retaining it qualitative condition.

Very often the price for refrigerated cargo is different in depending on the type of car and the speed of delivery of goods.

Among all other factors of doing business, transportation of equipment and goods can to have a decisive influence. Especially in the case when it comes to transportation of oversized cargo. In connection with the technical features, it is the cargo transportation of oversized cargo that can be fraught with significant expenses. But not in the case when the partner is professional company Trans logistics alliance.

Professional company for the transportation of oversized cargo Trans logistics alliance will provide at the disposal of the customer those vehicles that are best Suitable for transportation of oversized and heavy cargo. At the same time, the level of service delivery will be on top.

By contacting qualified experts, you can have complete confidence in the timely delivery of oversized cargo. Careful adherence to all rules and recommendations for transfer oversized cargo allows specialists not only to arrive on time, but also guarantee the full safety of the cargo entrusted to them.

Among the ways to transport oversized cargo, there are two:


Oversized cargo transportation by road (Including transportation of oversized cargo by trawl)


Transportation of oversized cargo by rail

Trans logistics alliance

Naturally, oversized railway cargoes often reach the destination point faster.

The distance, as well as the size of the cargo, is not a problem for professionals. They are able to deliver the goods not only at the indicated address in their home country, but also outside it.

Despite what type of delivery will be chosen - rail transportation of oversized cargo or auto transport oversized cargo - we offer a quick solution absolutely all organizational issues arising during the transportation of oversized cargo.

Proceeding from this, the price is calculated for the transportation of oversized cargo. The cost of transportation of oversize in Trans logistics alliance depends on many factors. However, it is worth noting that cooperation with qualified specialists will please financial aspect of the issue.

Find lower rates in oversized cargo companies at such a high quality of rendering such services are hardly possible. Large transport fleet for oversized cargo transportation guarantees selection of the most optimal variant

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Prices and tariffs

Our service is free of charge. Unlike many other companies, we do not charge fees for our work and do not add an additional commission to the rate.

The prices on our site are very competitive. All prices on the site Trans logistics alliance are specified per container and include VAT and other taxes (which may change), unless otherwise indicated on our website or in electronic confirmation of booking.

Sometimes our website provides more low tariffs for certain goods, but data tariffs offered by agents and forwarders can have special restrictions and rules, for example, when canceling or refunding for booking.

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